We're creating a software users' co-op -- Sofcoop

Join us to take back the internet!

  • reduce annoying ads
  • user control of personal info
  • better software for less cost
  • reduce monopoly power

This website is Sofcoop's competitive market for sharing info. See our growth plans:

The website is under construction, but you're welcome to try out what we've built so far: Browse the site, create a free login, post some info etc. To be notified when we've built more features, when you register you can choose to receive monthly email updates. We'll also announce developments on Twitter @sofcoop.

Info Mall: Tech advice for non-techies

Below is a mockup of Sofcoop's planned top-level info page. Each channel has a rectangle of space to show links to the info they offer. There's no funding yet, but anyway:

You can vote -- What share of daily funding should go to each channel?:

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